Welcome to News Nation, a nightly, 3-hour national primetime newscast launching this summer on WGN America.

The New Center of News

Trailer / Message from CEO Perry Sook

We Bring A Totally
Unique Perspective

News Nation is delivered exclusively from the heartland

with Local, National,
and Digital touchpoints

America primetime news
that is down the center


anchor-led news,
top-tier meteorologists.

with an emphasis on
LIVE pictures and
breaking news.

Owning Digital

We know how people consume news and plan to be in front of them with relevant content every chance we get. The News Nation Now app will be a big focus and we plan to develop Smart TV options.

Relevant Content
whenever it breaks.
Wherever you are.

Great Expectations

News Nation

Politically agnostic.
Center of the country.
The only LIVE national newscast
in primetime 7 days a week.
24/7 across social and digital media.
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